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Two Lucky Charms >>

A married couple from Weehawken, New Jersey hired our Interior Decor firm to renovate the fourth floor level in their townhouse. They wanted it turned into a split bedroom/ play area for there 3 1/2 year old twins: brother & sister.  We went vibrant with the play room by using Flor’s “Parallel Reality” Rug tiles, and added a colorful world map to inspire the toddlers’ imaginations. We also added a fun loft bed for the kids to jump & roll on while dressing on top Maharam fabric ” L” shaped pillows. We individualized each wall area with unique wall decal’s from the company “”. An indoor play ground from plays as our focal play land. This room deff. got a blast of color by our Decor firm turning these little twins into TWO LUCKY CHARMS!!

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