The Goods

Carroll Gardens Family Home

This charismatic Brooklyn couple were looking for an interior decorator that could transform their newly bought family home in Carroll Gardens into a comfortable & creative reflection of the family’s light hearted & whimsical personality.

Starting an exciting new chapter in their lives with a baby girl on the way the embraced this decor project with Lily Z Design for their new home decor!

We created a mix of mid century and modern pieces by finding some retro pop shaped graphics and furniture for the Living Room & Master bedroom decor.

Keeping a light hearted feel of the space we mixed in woods, whites, greys and juicy pops of citrus oranges throughout the color scheme.

Companies like Modshop, Room & Board, Bludot, Organic Modernism, 2Modern, Surface View were some great sources that we used on the custom made furniture to get a mix between retro & modern design with out being on the extreme side of either spectrums.

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