Making it happen

Starting Businesses

Sample Commercial Z Boxes

Here are a few examples of commercial Z Boxes we've done:
Sushi K Bar
Vivi Bubble Tea Cafe
Macaroon Bake Shop

Starting a business?

Need a unique designed look that will attract customer’s attention and draw in major foot traffic? Get our designer’s-plans-in-a-box: Z BOX!. Avoid the hassle and costly guess work of figuring out a design for your new business!

Starting at $1,050 (up to 300 sq/ft)

What you get inside:

  • Your business’s identity: aesthetic concept/style board to stand out from your competition!
  • Drawing of commercial space fully decorated
  • Floor plan to-scale with space’s sections and allocated layouts. For example: cashier booths, etc.
  • Shopping list of all furniture/ decorative equipment/ materials/ lighting/ and accessories
  • Samples of paint color selection/ wallpaper/ tiles/ upholstery fabrics

You can even let us know what your project budget is and we will design accordingly so that when you are ready to create your business you stick to your budget guideline.

2-4 lead time

Call us to set up a free initial meeting and see a Commercial Z Box prototype in person for your consideration!