Making it happen


Interior Design Consultations

What you get:

Catered for customer’s who have the time to carry out the project on their own, but wish for some general aesthetic guidance here and there; we do have consultation services billed at hourly rate.

We can sketch ideas for you, show you recommended furniture online, its all off the top of our head help with any Decor dilemma’s you might be dealing with.

In a nut shell: It’s a little directional help wherever you need it here and there.

How much is a consultation?

Consultations are billed per hour: at a standard $150/hr rate. Use the contact form below to schedule your session today! (A 3 hour minimum guarantee is required for the first session )


For the Consultation services particularly : please be aware; since we are a full scale interior design company, we do not offer solely paint color selection consultations.