Winter Decor ideas for your wild partys at home!

Its always nice to modify the decor of your home a few times a year.Especially during the BIG WINTER HOLIDAY SEASON: entertaining is on a lot of people’s agenda’s:Here are a few cute, affordable ideas that won’t hurt your wallet and can create a beautiful winter wonder land when decorating your home for the Holiday season:

For New Years these “Number dinner plates” are a cute thing to place for your guests on the dinner table. Every year you can have fun matching the plates with the upcoming new year digits. In addition, at most local hardware stores you can get plate wall hanger devices that allows you to hang plates on walls as art work: score these fun dinner plates at

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Another great way to turn your home into that winter wonder land is using Birch Tree logs, you can get a whole batch of them in New York City’s wonderful Garden district on 28th street between 6th & 7th avenue for only $25

They make great curtain rods, and wall screens, headboards, furniture the option are limitless!!

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I like to get these faux deer plaque’s from  Ebay or and spray paint them white or get them artistically customized with papier mache, or fabric: >> they look so elegant in the home for winter and they can be turned into coat racks, stocking hanger’s, you name it!

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You always want to stock up on a few simple trays  like these from to serve drinks or horderves on. Especially Mirrored ones are very elegant!


Some New year party decor ideas for your gatherings that I admire: are below:

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  Happy Decorative New Year!!!!!

Nursery decor for an expecting mom

So I wanted to share with you my ideas for my nursery decor, in case some of you new moms are pondering as well what to do with your nursery!

First of all, the amount of things us “new parents” need to buy is ridiculously large!

There is an entire size of a BED BATH BEYOND dedicated to babies needs!

BUY BUY BABY or Babies R US* are the example of these mega overwhelming stores of the amount you need to stock up on! So not everyone wants to; or can afford to run & spend $2,000 on a Rocking chair which you’ll use for only about 1-2 years tops!

I’ll write some decor tips for you moms since I just joined the “mom-to-be club”: to get some good looking chic pieces for your nursery without breaking the babies college fund:

Rocking Chairs:

I recommend thinking out of the box and not going to the big brand stores and names if you’re looking for cute rocker. has second hand or refurnished pieces that can be quite unique; for example I jumped on and typed in “Rocker chair” and found this unique piece for only: $375!il_570xN.402320243_kds8that can look super chic, as well be comfortable!

you just can’t find unique pieces like this at BABIES R US*

for more  unique second hand rocking chairs I would recommend to check out, or, ….you’ll be surprised what unique silhouettes for chairs you can discover and mix into your style ideas.


Now this can be hard because first of all safety is number one priority! Also I will admit: even I had hesitation on getting a second hand crib; where a previous baby or babies soiled & teethed on.. ;/

make sure whatever Crib you get that it is JPMA certified/ no exceptions:

I found this one: from and was very happy when it arrived in the mail. It also was only $399 so nothing to cry over in comparison to some other prices out there:


 and look it turns into a toddler bed as well..more savings down the line! They have great changers/ dresser as well!

Nursery Lights:

253.0060.iywc_1_1 “City Chandelier” only $195!

ball “David Trubridge – Coral 400 Pendant Lamp – $290-360


fine-prints-crib-bedding-green-xo “GREEN XO” – $24-$79

I would also recommend some of these great sites for chic but affordable decor items:

- (for affordable rugs)

-, (for cute affordable Crib bedding)

- (for all your other decor needs such as lighting etc)

Designer Style For Any Budget

In our experience, shopping can be therapy or it can send you to therapy.  Is there anything more heartbreaking than finding the perfect accessory, only to check the price tag and see a few too many zeros after the dollar sign?  We have all been there; and that is why we have decided to share some of our favorite online resources for finding big style, with a little price tag. The doctor is in!


Target is one superstore that constantly surprises us with its selection of chic and affordable home decor.  We recently found this glam brass sunburst at for $34.99 — $394 cheaper than its counterpart.


Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably already know about the online shopping phenomenon that is  Artisians and collectors all over the world use this site as a resource to buy and sell incredible handmade and vintage furnishings, home decor, and lighting as well as fashion and home accessories (among other things).  Below, we have shown you an elegant, vintage, Hollywood Regency drum table for a mere $250 — less than half the price of a nearly identical table sold at and other similar high-end online retailers.

3. Cost Plus World Market

Here is one you may be less familiar with.  Cost Plus World Market got its start in the 1950s when it set up shop in San Francisco’s famous Fisherman’s Wharf.  Today, they have over 250 locations nationwide, as well as a wonderful online store, where we found this stunning gold ceramic garden table for a mere $45.  Sure, it may be a bit smaller than this similar vintage brass garden table from Etsy, but with a savings of over $500, we hardly notice!

4. is another great resource for designing on a budget.  We found it especially easy to find mid-century style replicas–like this womb chair and ottoman–at a fraction of the price of an original.

It is easy to get frustrated when designing an interior on a budget, but hopefully our discount go-tos will offer you an affordable design solution for your next decorating project.  Always shop around before you purchase or you could miss out on a great deal.  Good luck and happy hunting!

Second-hand For Second Chances

For me, there is no better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon than by getting lost in a thrift store.  There is a certain thrill in finding an unexpected treasure — a “diamond in the rough,” so to speak.  Not to mention the mystery that surrounds a second-hand item: Where did it come from?  Who owned this before I found it?  Were they famous?  It is thrilling, romantic, and economical all at the same time!
     If you–like me–are a sucker for a good find and a good story, then look no further than Cure Thrift Shop in the East Village.  It is my new favorite spot to hunt for vintage home decor in New York City!  Located at 111 East 12th Street in Manhattan, Cure Thrift Shop is bursting with fabulous vintage/second-hand furnishings, artwork, vinyl records, clothing, jewelry and gadgets.  I accidentally stumbled upon the shop as I was walking past last week, and I stepped inside to take a look.  I spent the next 30 minutes bouncing around like kid in a candy shop.  I was particularly smitten with a gorgeous leather, tufted Chesterfield sofa (pictured below).

Rack & Roll: Chic Ways to Store Your Bike Between Rides

These days, owning a bike has become all but a necessity to big city dwellers.  It is a reliable, relatively inexpensive way to get around without worrying about gas prices or the ever-rising costs of a monthly metro card–but where do you store it?  No matter how sleek or aerodynamic your ride might be on the road, there is no denying that bikes are clumsy and awkward when returned to the indoors.

On a recent project, we were confronted with the conundrum of storing bikes in a small New York City apartment.  In the process, we discovered these chic options for storing your means of transportation without sacrificing square footage or style.

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