A nursery story

Being an interior designer based in Manhattan, most of our residential clients reside in apartment buildings or brownstones. Now-a-days being able to live in a space that resembles a closet has become the norm for most NYC dwellers. Our latest Zbox client approached us for help in designing their very first nursery. It was definitely a change for us working with someone who lives in a large suburban home. Immediately we were impressed by how much space we were given for just a nursery alone. Our usual problems are:  “There is not enough space for all this furniture” and “MAXIMIZE THE STORAGE!” but in this particular case we had SO much space! AND to top it all off, there were at least two outlets per wall—AMAZING.

The decor we opted for is quiet yet playful. Accenting the main wall that is seen when someone walks into the room; is Cole & Son Labyrinth in light blue. The graphic nature of the pattern is subdued by the colors and low contrast. With such large wall spaces we didn’t want to overwhelm the design, but the large white ceiling space posed as a very blank slate, so solving that issue by painting orange stripes along gave the room a fun dynamic.

We sectioned the room into two sections: sleeping area and seating area. We predict the seating area containing the Eden Sleeper Sofa by Room and Board, will serve as a haven for Mom or Dad for sleepless nights with baby.

Check out the entire project below:Dhevani Zbox7 copy

Dhevani Zbox1 copy Dhevani Zbox2 copy Dhevani Zbox4 copy Dhevani Zbox5 copy